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Posted by: Mihaela Bucatari

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18 Sep. 2019 / 09:35

Regulation on funding election campaigns, approved

The Central Election Commission established the conditions and the financial support for the electoral campaigns of the electoral competitors, as well as the procedure for presenting to the electoral bodies the reports on their incomes and expenses. These provisions can be found in the Regulation on funding election campaigns of the electoral competitors.

The regulation applies to the funding of the electoral campaigns of the electoral competitors in the parliamentary, presidential or local elections, as well as to the participants in the referendum of any level. It regulates, exhaustively, the legal reports on the conditions, the mode, the restrictions, as well as the reporting of the financing of the election campaigns.

Also, the CEC informs that the provisions of the Regulation regarding the financing of the previous election campaigns will apply for the new parliamentary elections, until the mandate of the Parliament of the X legislature expires.

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