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News / Radio Moldova Music Promo

12 Feb. 2019 / 14:27

In memoriam composer - Ion Macovei, on Radio Moldova Music

Ion Macovei is one of the most talented composers of the last decades. His creation embraces the different genres of sound art. The show "Apreggiando" on Radio Moldova Music (RMM) from February 13 features In memoriam - Ion Macovei.

In the show, editor-presenter Oleg Şova will speak about the life and activity of the Basarabian composer.

Also, a choral rhapsody titled "Trandafir si Busuioc" by Ion Macovei, performed by “Moldova” choral chapel, led by Valentin Budilevschi, record from 1995, will sound in the show.

An excerpt from the oratorio “Miorita” for soloists, choir and orchestra by Ion Macovei will sound in the show. It is performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of "Teleradio-Moldova", led by Dumitru Goia. Soloists, Florin Câşlaru, Nicolae Cosheli, Iulia Teashko and Svetlana Moiseeva.

Join Radio Moldova and on-line on TRM.MD, on February 13, starting with 21:30.

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