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12 June 2019 / 15:49

Premiere of "Siberian Records", details at "Radiovacanta"

An insight into the history of the first wave of Stalinist deportations on June 12 proposes the team of "Radiovacanta". The tragedy through which Bessarabians have passed continues to be evoked in contemporary art.

In the Wednesday edition, we are discussing this black tab in the history of the nation with the special guest of the edition Petru Hadarca, the director of the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theater.

Master Petru Hadarca will tell us about the premiere of "Siberian Records".

Deportations were a form of political repression put into practice by the Soviet authorities. No exact figure is known of those who suffered from this type of repression, estimates amounting to several hundred thousand people.

Ruxanda Covalschi together with Tina Borodache, Alexia Stavila, David Istratuc, invites you to be part of our modest radio adventures. Tune on Radio Moldova and on-line on TRM.MD for more details.

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