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News / Radio Moldova Promo

18 Oct. 2020 / 17:00

International Festival of New Music Days, live on RMA and RMM

On Sunday, October 18, starting at 20:00, Radio Moldova Actualitati (RMA) and Radio Moldova Muzical (RMM) will broadcast live the closing concert of the 29th edition of the “Days of New Music” Festival, which takes place online from October 11-18.

"The distance imposed in public spaces to avoid concentration and geographical distance that is the result of travel restrictions does not prevent us from being united in the act of musical creation," said Paul Gamurari, president of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova at the inauguration.

The director of the festival, the composer Ghenadie Ciobanu, mentioned that the artists and bands will evolve from a distance, from different countries, the generic of this year's edition being “Distance and unity. Numerical symbols”.

The last concert is a chamber one, supported by the "Ars Poetica" band.

Let's travel together through the fascinating universe of contemporary music of classical nature on the waves of RMA, RMM and TRM.MD.

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