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13 Aug. 2020 / 07:20

Panorama of the Day on Radio Moldova

Keep up to date with the latest news from the country and abroad, listening to the news bulletins from Radio Moldova every day! Panorama of the day gives you an integral picture of the day: events, facts, opinions. The journalists from Radio Moldova enter the most remote localities of the country to observe, document and relate the realities in the country.

During the whole day, Radio Moldova informs you from hour to hour. Listen every day at 5:00 pm, "Panorama of the Day" with Alexei Revenco, Maricica Munteanu, Natalia Spânu and Elena Chirilorv-Muntean, who present a large news bulletin in Romanian.

"Panorama of the Day" in Russian at 21:00 is presented by Ana Ciuhnenco and Alexandr Petcov.

Listen to Radio Moldova news and be informed from the first source.

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