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17 Jan. 2020 / 11:14

"A Talk Show Otherwise": Recipes with secrets from Radio Moldova's journalists

Food is the condition of human life and health. It has been and will remain one of the main concerns and occupations of people throughout time. What dishes do journalists prefer and what do they cook at home with the family, from Saturday's edition of "O Emisiune Altfel" (A Talk Show Otherwise) on Radio Moldova.

The journalists from Radio Moldova, Veronica Scorpan, Alexei Revenco and Emilia Gheţu are waiting to share with the radio listeners the secret recipes of each one's kitchen.

From them, we will learn about the culture of food consumption and the delicious dishes of the season, but also about the pleasure of cooking.

Tune on Radio Moldova or go online on TRM.MD on Saturday, January 18, starting at 11:30.

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