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News / Radio Moldova Youth Promo

02 Oct. 2020 / 09:03

Special edition at RMT: "AntiNostalgia - looking to the future"

On Friday, October 2, Radio Moldova Tineret invites you to listen to a special edition of the multimedia project "AntiNostalgia - looking to the future" made by Radio Free Europe in Chisinau in collaboration with Radio Free Europe in Tbilisi and Kiev.

With a suggestive generic - "Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia: Independent countries or shards of the USSR?" - the debate will be broadcast in two languages, Romanian and Russian, and will try to answer one of the questions still relevant to most post-Soviet states: have they managed to break away from the past, get rid of its aftermath and consolidate their own independence?

The Trialog debate was taken over by Radio Moldova Tineret within a partnership project with Radio Free Europe.

Tune on Radio Moldova Tineret and online on TRM.MD, on Friday, October 2, starting at 18:00.

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