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22 Mar. 2020 / 10:30

Aid for lonely and bed-ridden people in Comrat

Help for lonely and bed-ridden people. The social workers from Comrat municipality visit daily over 100 people who cannot go shopping. In addition, people are provided by the local City Hall with products, including protective masks and disinfectants and are advised how to avoid illness, reports Moldova 1 TV.

Vladimir Iandulski was a well-known dentist in Comrat. Today, because of a disease he suffers, he receives help from the social workers of the City Hall.

Other elders, Galina and Vladimir Kravets are also visited by social workers. They were very pleased to meet with the representatives of the City Hall and were glad to take the products necessary in quarantine.

"Our social workers take on this very responsible job. A week ago, during a meeting of the local Emergency Commission, the emphasis was placed on the need to pay more attention to the lonely people in our town, to be served by social workers. Our employees ensure that these people receive the necessary support in the fight against the virus, talk to them about hygiene measures and, if necessary, provide them with medical masks and disinfectants", said mayor of Comrat Serghei Anastasov.

About 100 lonely and bed-ridden people live in Comrat.  There are over 5000 pensioners aged 65.

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