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25 Apr. 2019 / 09:45

About 1,400 people from Comrat received gifts around the Easter holidays

Approximately 1,400 needy people in Comrat on Easter Sunday receive packets of food. Gifts contain pastries and holiday products. Beneficiaries include pensioners, people struck by the poverty burden, and families with many children. Every year, the number of beneficiaries increases, Moldova 1 reports.

The food package contains a pasca, grain, sugar, sunflower oil, a pate, and other items required for a holiday meal.

Food packages also received invalids, solitary people and those diagnosed with incurable diseases.

"Every year, the number of beneficiaries increases. This year, we have 1,400 product packages. The price of a package is about 180 lei," said Deputy Mayor of Comrat, Gheorghe Sarî.

The authorities in Comrat offer food packages to pensioners, families and people in need twice a year: on the eve of the Town Day and on the eve of the Easter holidays.

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