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03 Feb. 2019 / 12:05

Better conditions for children from the kindergarten in Ciobanovca village

The kindergarten in Ciobanovca vullage (Anenii Noi) will benefit from investments of about five million lei. They will be directed towards the energy efficiency of the institution and the improvement of the education conditions for children, Radio Moldova reports.

It is a project funded by the Energy Efficiency Fund, the grant amount being 3 million lei, the rest of the amount is from the pre-school institution budget, the support of the Anenii Noi District Council and donations from other partners.

"It is about the thermal insulation of the external walls, the thermal insulation of the roof and the installation of solar collectors for hot water supply," said Sergiu Curin, acting executive director of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

The merit for issuing the project and getting funding belongs to the director of the pre-school institution in the village of Ciobanovca, Nadejda Diacenco.

"The project is something new for the kindergarten and for the locality. It is the first project of its kind in recent years. It is a great joy for me personally, because we have made effort, and in less than half a year we got  this funding. We want this community to be modernized and young people should not leave the village”, said  Nadejda Diacenco.

The efforts of the kindergarten administration are also appreciated by the local specialized body.

"The project will provide an opportunity for children to be educated in good conditions, but it is also a starting point for the development of the locality," said Radion Moreşan, Head of Education Division in  Anenii Noi.

The kindergarten in Ciobanovca village is attended by about 40 children, divided into two groups, and the administration of the institution intends to open a nursery group for about ten children.

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