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Posted by: Mazur Rodica

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04 Feb. 2019 / 15:48

Smoke detectors installed in 8 settlements in Moldova

The fire prevention campaign called "A Protected House - A Life Saved" continues. Firefighters, together with the local public authorities of I and II level installed smoke detectors in 8 settlements in Donduseni, Calarasi, Glodeni, and Anenii Noi districts.

According to the General Inspectorate for Emergencies (IGSU) of the Interior Ministry, over  130 persons were trained on the rules of fire protection, the correct use of the stoves and electric heaters. The firefighters spoke to people about the danger of fire and correct reaction in the event of a detector sound signal.

In the shortest time, 78 private households will be provided with smoke detectors in nine localities from Edinet, Dubasari, Glodeni and Anenii Noi districts.

According to IGSU, old people, families with many children or people with disabilities benefit from smoke detectors. The campaign "A Protected House - A Life Saved" aims to reduce the risk of  fires and poisoning with carbon monoxide, especially during the cold season. Thus, since the start of the campaign, 4741 families from Moldova benefited from this project and 4828 autonomous smoke detectors were installed.

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