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31 May 2020 / 14:14

Molovata ferry to make additional daily trips

Following the request of the Bureau for Reintegration, Bacul Molovata State Enterprise will carry out additional daily trips to meet the needs of people and economic agents in Cocieri plateau.

Under an order by the company's management, from 29 May the first ferry ride will be made at 6.00 from Molovata Nouă village to Molovata and at 6.45 return. The last race to Molovata Nouă will be made at 20.00., reads a press release of the Government.

Also, the company announced the availability to make additional trips during the day, in case of the presence of an increased number of passengers and vehicles in queue for crossing the Nistru River.

Due to traffic restrictions imposed by the so-called structures in Tiraspol, the villages on the left bank of the Dniester are inaccessible by land, so residents and businesses in the area are forced to cross the right bank of the Nistru by ferry. Lately, the number of passengers has increased significantly and queues have periodically formed on the ferry”’.

The Bureau for Reintegration is looking for long-term solutions to the situation.

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