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12 Feb. 2019 / 09:22

Two people killed in a fire in Proscureni village

Two people were killed in a fire that happened on Monday, February 11, in the village of Proscureni, Rascani district.

According to preliminary information, the 112 service was called at 13:51. A firefighters’ crew came on the spot and found that the mattress and the bed linen were burning in the house.

As a result, a 78-year-old woman died and her 53-year-old son, diagnosed with carbon monoxide was taken to hospital.

According to the preliminary information, the fire was caused by a burning cigarette. All the circumstances of the case are being established.

Firefighters repeatedly warn people to comply with fire rules especially when using open fire, smoking, or heating. According to statistical data of the General Inspectorate for Emergencies, 203 fires happened in Moldova since the beginning of 2019, in which 36 persons, including a minor, died.


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