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04 Aug. 2020 / 18:15

First computerized greenhouse built in Moldova

The construction of the first computerized greenhouse was recently completed in Moldova, and it will soon deliver on the market certified varieties of strawberries of the highest quality. It is located in the village of Blindeşti, Ungheni district and covers an area of about four thousand square meters. The total cost of the project amounted to three million lei, of which 1.7 million were provided by USAID through the High Value Agriculture in Moldova program.

The greenhouse is divided into three areas and all processes are conducted by a computer program, which checks the soil moisture, room temperature and decides when the plants should be watered.

According to USAID experts, so far in the Republic of Moldova there has been no strawberry seedling free of viruses and biological diseases - certificate.

"The strawberry crop is the most developed in our country. We have over two thousand hectares of strawberries. Therefore, there is the need to produce a quality planting material. We decided to implement this project, to bring modern technologies here, at home, and to prove to other producers that it is possible to produce quality planting material here as well ", said the USAID expert Oleg Calestru.

Seven employees work in the greenhouse, claiming that they work in good conditions and are happy to have such a plantation near their house.

In the first stage, the greenhouse in Blindeşti has the capacity to provide with planting material about 20 hectares each year. The first planting material will be available for sale in three months.

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