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26 Oct. 2020 / 13:40

In eight localities in Soroca district, the road renovation works have not started

In eight localities in Soroca district, the road repair works within the project "Good roads for all" have not even started. At the level of the entire district, only 70% of the works were completed. Thus, Prime Minister Ion Chicu recently paid a working visit to the region after receiving several complaints about the delay in their performance. The value of the money not valued by the town halls is eight million lei. The prime minister gave assurances that in the next period the project will be completed, Moldova 1 reports.

"Out of almost 30 town halls, localities targeted in the program, 20 are completed. I had a meeting with the mayors from several localities, where the work did not start. We have assurances from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the State Road Administration, but also from the entrepreneurs that they will be able to capitalize and execute these projects," mentioned Ion Chicu.

Delays in road repairs were also announced in Parcani commune. At the meeting with the prime minister, residents said the mayor of the village had carried out several illegal activities. According to them, the mayor allegedly sold several agricultural lands and pastures. Other irregularities would be related to water consumption and defending the interests of a local who illegally owns a farm.

The prime minister gave them assurances that he will personally monitor the road repair process and will involve the competent bodies in solving the problems.

Contacted by Moldova 1, the mayor of Parcani commune, Serghei Cetulean, declared that the accusations brought are unfounded.

"The lands that were sold were put up for auction by a decision of the local council. This year, we implemented a drinking water supply project. We sent the aqueduct through management not to the balance of the municipal enterprise. He did not record properly, it was written more. The administrator of this enterprise has detected these irregularities and now, next month, the amount given to the persons who paid more will be deducted," said Serghei Cetulean.

At the same time, the mayor mentioned that the local who owns the animal farm was fined several times.

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