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Posted by: Mazur Rodica

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16 Apr. 2019 / 09:31

In the southern districts, eight Business Support Centers will operate

From April 16, in the southern districts of the republic, eight Business Support Centers will run for potential entrepreneurs, Radio Moldova reports.

Project manager Lilia Luca mentions that centers will focus on providing primary consulting services and supporting potential entrepreneurs in creating and developing a business in the region.

"It is meant for the entrepreneurs to not travel to Chisinau for consultancy, but to call well-trained specialists in their district. Willing to launch a business, to bring a successful idea to them in the region, in the districts where the Business Incubator is missing, the centers will be created even within the District Councils, and where we have the Business Incubator, it will be created within the Incubator," said Lilia Luca.

TRM.MD recalls that Business Support Centers are created within the European project "The South Gate of Moldova Open to Promote Business and Investment".

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