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17 Jan. 2020 / 18:06

Soroca Business Incubator: Hundreds of jobs and dozens of successful businesses

Over 380 jobs and dozens of successful businesses created. We are talking about the main successes of the business incubator in Soroca, the first of its kind opened in the country 10 years ago. After three years of activity in the Incubator, all 55 small and medium-sized companies, created in the field of production and service provision, are developing, producing more and more. They have stable customers, and most of them export their products even abroad, reports Moldova 1.

Current and former residents of the Soroca Business Incubator say that the experience obtained has helped them a lot in improving their business, so that they know in detail the market requirements and how they must act in order to have a successful business.

The incubator offers its residents, free of charge, training in the areas of interest, consultancy in solving the problems they face and offers them the infrastructure facilities, at minimum prices.

“During the ten years in the business incubator there were 55 companies, a turnover of over 95 million lei. We can also be proud of the taxes that the residents of the incubator have paid, about 18 million and somewhere about 35 million lei were paid in salaries. For someone these might be small numbers, but for us it is important that they have contributed a lot to the development of the Soroca region,” says Liliana Babără, the manager of the Business Incubator.

The Business Incubators Network in Moldova was created in 2013 by the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (ODIMM), with the support of the European Union. The 11 incubators are located in the districts of Ştefan Vodă, Dubăsari, Leova, Ceadîr-Lunga, Rezina, Nisporeni, Sangerei, Soroca, Cimişlia, Cahul and Calarasi.

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