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10 Aug. 2020 / 19:56

The inhabitants of a village in Hincesti district lack drinking water

Dozens of Moldovan villages are going through an acute drinking water crisis. The heat wave is a real challenge for the inhabitants of Fîrlădeni village, Hînceşti district, where the water in the local wells has half dried, and what is left is a polluted liquid and difficult to consume. Although households are connected to an old aqueduct, technical tap water is only good for domestic use. The problem has persisted for almost a decade, and people hope to be heard by the authorities one day, Moldova 1 reports.

Due to the droughts this summer, the luster of the water is barely visible at the bottom of the wells. The inhabitants of Fîrlădeni village say that the water contains many salts, but, due to the lack of an alternative, they use it daily for drinking and washing.

The mayor of the locality, Pavel Barbos, sees the solution of the problem only in the construction of a drinking water installation from the wells, but this process involves expenses.

"In Hincesti district, work is being done on a project in the Prut. What is related to our locality and Hincesti district, the city itself is supplied with water from our locality. We are working in the direction of drinking water,” said Pavel Barbos.

According to experts, the water in the wells must be filtered before being consumed.

"Water that is classified as polluted and highly polluted cannot be used for all purposes," said Marina Lungu, head of the Environment Agency.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 987 for the 1,682 localities in the country, the only source of water was the wells and only 695 villages were connected to the aqueduct system.

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