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15 Apr. 2019 / 16:01

A book of musical notes "Luminous Way", launched in Soroca

A book of musical notes "Luminous Way", which includes 12 piano songs, was launched in Soroca. The event took place at the "Nicolae Botgros" College of Arts, and the one who saw his dream come true is pianist Aliona Goliţov. She has worked for years in the field of music to gather all the musical notes in a single edition, reports Moldova 1.

For well-known reasons, Aliona Goliotov had to leave for a while away from home.

"I have not touched the piano for seven years. It was a dream, I came home and my dream materialized. I wrote from 2006 so far, I gave up my soul, I dedicated my work to dear people: Mom, Dad, Teachers," Aliona Goliţov, a pianist, said.

An important feature of instrumental music composed by pianist Aliona Goliţova is cantability. Many of her plays are associated with the author's lyrical confession, with the fire of love, with the rain, the soul, the life.

"Mrs. Aliona's songs are lively, full of beautiful emotions that a man can experience. He is the person who directed me to play piano, to follow my dream," said Alexandra Samarin, a student.

The works included in the collection of piano songs conquer interpreters, listeners, and colleagues from artistic education institutions say that Aliona Goliţov has the vocation of teacher, mentor of young talents and composer. 

Aliona Goliotov is currently working on the second volume for which she composed five musical pieces.

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