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09 Feb. 2019 / 20:00

An embroidery exhibition can be seen in Balti

"Needle Magic" - this is the title of the exhibition of embroidery executed in different techniques and opened at the "Antioh Cantemir" Pinacoteca in Balti. The authors of the 180 exhibited works are the talented craftsmanship, gathered in the "Golden Needle" Club, Moldova 1 reports.

The "Golden Needle" Club in Balti brings together 11 craftsmen of different professions and ages. They have a common passion: the love for beauty that they express through embroidery. Ludmila Braga, her daughter motivated her to take the needle in her hand.

Most of the visitors to the exhibition, who are also passionate about the embroidery art, say they impressed the authors' craftsmanship: "It was a great experience for us to create the work." "I loved the techniques I embroiled most in." "We came to see the beauty that makes the world and maybe our children to get inspired," the visitors said.

The small masterpieces embroidered in different techniques will be at Pinacoteca from Balti until the end of March.

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