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11 Feb. 2019 / 13:40

Representatives from several settlements learned the method of community organization

Representatives of several settlements in the central and southern of Moldova came to Cahul to learn the method of community organization. The ]workshop was organized by the Cahul Contact Center within the project "Participation in local governance through citizens juries, funded by the Soros Foundation Moldova through the Good Governance Department," Radio Moldova reports.

After many years of work abroad, Alina Perju returned to the village of Cociulia, Cantemir. Together with other active citizens, she wants to improve the act of local government.  She needs some skills and knowledge to this effect. The workshop is the starting point for achieving this goal.

The participants in the workshop learnt about the rules and elements of community organization from national and international experts. Vera Ţurcanu-Spătari is a representative of the Resource Center for Public Participation in Bucharest, that has been promoting the method of community organization for ten years.

The workshop lasted three days, during which the representatives of several communities learned what the community organization is, what are the basic rules of this process and how to form a community group that will be involved in the decision-making process in solving local problems.

25 community organizers are trained in the project. Local citizens' juries will be set up in 4 settlements in the south of the country, which will help to increase civic participation of citizens.

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