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19 Apr. 2019 / 09:40

Teenager in Cahul district, sick of scabies, died of intoxication

On April 15, the teenager got scabies, and his grandmother applied a benzyl benzoate suspension to his entire body. The next day the procedure was repeated, but an unknown amount of PUFFS was added to the benzyl benzoate suspension.

The teenager went to school on 15 April and on April 17, at 08:40, he was hospitalized in the intensive care department of the Cahul district hospital. At 10:50, he died.

In this context, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection urges the population not to resort to methods of self-healing, but to go to  a doctor immediately, whether it is scabies, pediculosis, flu or other infections.

"Medicines should be bought from pharmacies and strictly at the advice of the physician or pharmacist. It is strictly forbidden to prepare and use substances prepared under domestic conditions", reads the statement of the Ministry of Health.

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