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15 May 2019 / 11:10

50 students from the country, holders of Merit Scholarships

The best students in the country have become holders of the Merit Bureaus. The scholarships were awarded at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC) in partnership with donor institutions.

According to a MECC communiqué, 221 students from 18 academic institutions participated in the 21st edition of the "Merit Scholarship" contest. The program offers, on a competitive basis, 50 unique scholarships of MDL 12,000: 35 scholarships - for the students of the last year of study, the cycle of the Bachelor and 15 scholarships for the master students from the first year of study, the Master cycle (including the last year of integrated education programs). The files of the participants were evaluated by an Independent Expert Commission.

MECC Secretary of State Elena Belei reiterated the importance of organizing such competitions, which encourages academic excellence.

"You are the best, you are demonstrating through daily work, through tenacity and competitive spirit that success can be achieved here at home in the Republic of Moldova. I wish you to continue to be as determined, full of energy and enthusiasm and to contribute to creating a beautiful future for our country," the official said.

TRM.MD recalls that the "Merit Scholarships" Program aims at supporting the best students in the Republic of Moldova and promoting their interest in studies, research and extracurricular activities. In the 23 editions organized annually, 5,700 students participated in the contest, of which 1,500 benefited from Merit Scholarships.

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