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12 Nov. 2019 / 10:41

State social allowances for some categories of population to increase in Moldova

The social allowances for persons with disabilities and the elderly, who do not meet the necessary conditions for obtaining the right to a pension, will be increased by 40 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively, according to a draft law, approved today by the Government. The project was presented as a legislative initiative by a group of MPs, Radio Moldova reports.

Under the project, the increases target about 21,000 beneficiaries of state allowances. Following the increase, the amount of social allowances for persons with severe, accentuated and average disabilities will constitute 80 per cent of the amount of minimum pension for this category of persons, and for the elderly it will represent 50 per cent of the amount of minimum pension for old age, established by Government yearly.

The estimates show that the implementation of the draft law involves additional annual financial expenses in total amount of MDL 79.6 mln for 2020, about MDL 83.2 mln for 2021 and MDL 87.4 mln for 2022. The respective financial means are provided in the draft medium – term budgetary framework for 2020 – 2022.

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