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11 Nov. 2019 / 16:00

ANSA: All outbreaks of African swine fever, liquidated

The National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA) announces that all African swine fever outbreaks, previously registered in domestic pigs in Moldova, were cleared, Radio Moldova reports.

"The success is due to the involvement of the Government, the Local Public Authorities and the cooperation with ANSA, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the Customs Service, the General Border Police Inspectorate, the Moldsilva Agency, the General Police Inspectorate and the Carabineers Troops Department", reads a statement of ANSA.

We remind that 30 outbreaks were registered in Moldova this year.

ANSA warns that the risk of a new outbreak is quite persistent, given that new outbreaks of African swine fever are emerging in neighboring countries.

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