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26 May 2019 / 12:00

Day of the Nistru, marked today

Moldova celebrates the Day of the Nistru annually on the last Sunday of May, under the Parliament's decision in 2008, Radio Moldova reports.

"The Nistru is a very important river for Moldova and is the backbone of the hydrographic system in the country. We must keep it clean both on the right and on the left bank. One problem and a great concern is the intention to build six hydropower plants on the top of the  Nistru River. Civil society in Moldova and Ukraine is against the construction of these hydroelectric plants, because if they are built, the Nistru River will die", said Anatolie Prohnitchi, the president of the Green Ecologist Party.

It is worth mentioning that a protest action took place in Soroca on Saturday, and an appeal was made to protect the Nistru.

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