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08 Jan. 2020 / 14:51

“Dinamo” swimming pool is transforming into a modern natation center

Hundreds of children and adults passionate about swimming shall benefit from better conditions at the “Dinamo” sport club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The reconstruction works of the natation centre are 60% finalized. The modernization works are carried out in the framework of a project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Galina Tereşcenco is a swimming coach with an experience of four decades and has taught hundreds of children how to swim. She is convinced that the reconstruction saves the swimming pool from disappearing.

„Dinamo has passed through periods of glory but has aged and ended to be in a poor state. The blue painting from all the premises, the locker rooms and the old showers built in the ‘60s of the past century make a desolate scene. The tiles were falling down from the walls, the pipes were frequently breaking up. All these created a lot of problems”, said the coach Galina Tereşenco.

On the other hand, the director claims that within the complex there will be built a series of new spaces, adjacent to the pool, with a total area of almost 700 square meters. For the first time in our country, people with disabilities will practice swimming here. This will be possible due to the infrastructure that will be adapted for all beneficiaries.

"The pool has been active for 55 years and it has never been repaired. There was a risk that we would have an unpleasant accident, so modernization was inevitable ”, said the director of the sports complex, Igor Secu.

The cost of the project is of 1.44 million USD.

"We are already in the second stage of the reconstruction of the Dinamo swimming center, the first stage was initiated at the end of 2018, now we are building the new wardrobes for the swimming center. Also, we started installing the equipment in this center, and we plan shortly to complete some of the external works ”, said the project manager Viorel Albu.

After the reconstruction, the “Dinamo” big swimming pool with a length of 25 meters and width of 14 meters, will have six tracks for swimmers and will be in line with the standards of the International Natation Federation. So, international sports contests could be organized there.

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