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31 Mar. 2020 / 17:49

The Cabinet of Ministers, tested at COVID - 19

The entire Cabinet of Ministers and members of the Prime Minister's Office, together with the Chief Executive, Ion Chicu, performed tests for COVID-19, at a private laboratory in Chisinau. The information was confirmed for Moldova 1 by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Cristina Stratulat, who said that officials went to a laboratory certified by the World Health Organization this morning, reports Moldova 1.

Thus, 30 samples were taken from several officials who come daily to work, but also for the employees of the Chief Executive's Office, who work remotely.

"The entire Cabinet of Ministers was tested today in a private laboratory. It was their decision, because they are actually the ones who are in daily contact with different categories of people and it is good to do so. Why in a private laboratory and not in the ANSP laboratory? Because they paid these tests out of their own money, so as not to exhaust the stock of tests in the ANSP laboratory and to use them for the patients suspected at COVID-19,” said Cristina Stratulat, spokesperson, Ministry of Health.

According to the director of the National Agency for Public Health, at present, three laboratories in the Republic of Moldova, including two private ones, are certified by the World Health Organization to carry out the tests at COVID-19. However, the official says that in a short time, the number of laboratories will increase, so that those responsible can face a larger number of tests.

"The methodologies they apply are validated and comply with the existing requirements. We're going to open a lab. We, the National Agency of Public Health, will open a branch, an additional laboratory in Balti, to download the south and open two more laboratories within the health system here in Chisinau. Because today we are dealing with the flow of investigations coming here, tomorrow we might not do so," said Nicolae Furtuna, ANSP director.

On Monday, the head of state, Igor Dodon, said that the Republic of Moldova has ordered 100 thousand rapid tests from China for the detection of Coronavirus. According to the official, all medical personnel, who are in the front line in the fight with Coronavirus, but also the policemen will be tested free of charge at COVID-19, and those who will have a positive result will receive a single aid of 16 thousand lei.

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