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30 Oct. 2020 / 15:04

National blood donation campaign

Young people in the Republic of Moldova are urged to donate blood. The National Union of Students and Youth has launched a national blood donation campaign. Thus, only today in Chisinau, over 200 volunteers will donate blood. Also today, the campaign was launched in Anenii Noi. The organizers hope that their initiative will be supported at the national level, Moldova 1 reports.

Iurie Balaban donates blood the 24th time. This time, he came to the aid of a family member who fractured his leg.

Other young people also came to the National Blood Transfusion Center (CNTS), guided by the desire to help those who found themselves in a difficult situation.

"There is a need for a continuous presence when donating blood. This pandemic has created many problems for us in this regard. People have become a little more panicked, and even those who are healthy do not always have an opening, being panicked not to contract this virus," said the CNTS director, Svetlana Cebotari.

The organizers hope that this campaign will be supported at national level.

Representatives of the Parliament also attended the launching event of the campaign.

"Now our country needs help, that's why I would like to tell the district presidents and the mayors of the municipality and district to help," said Vladimir Odnostalco, member of the commission for social protection, health and family.

The blood donation campaign, organized by the National Union of Students and Youth, will run for one year.

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