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18 July 2019 / 11:00

Medical certificate excluded from list of documents submitted at admission to studies in Moldova

The medical certificate has been excluded from the list of compulsory papers presented at admission to studies. An order in this regard was signed by the leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare, Labour and Social Protection (MSMPS) and Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECC).

This was announced by the Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection Ala Nemerenco on the Facebook account.

Each school – leaver has the right to study through the Constitution, or, it does not depend on his or her state of health condition. And we are obliged to secure this unlimited right without any conditionality. Also, the right to confidentiality and protection of personal data must be respected, the actual format 086/e being variegated with data on health state of young persons. Also, we intend to reduce the burden on medical institutions, which besides the flow of patients having to cope with large number of applicants for certificates”,  said Minister  Ala Nemerenco.

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