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08 Nov. 2019 / 14:07

CNAS: Beneficiaries of allowances for temporary incapacity for work can receive their money

The beneficiaries of temporary disability benefits can raise their money, starting on Friday, 08 November. The announcement was made by the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS), which stated that it transferred MDL 39.8 mln for about 20,000 beneficiaries who were on sick leave in October, as well as for 7,630 beneficiaries, who have not received the allowances for previous months, Radio Moldova reports.

In order to raise the money, the beneficiaries must contact the banking institution to which it was opened the salary or social account. If the beneficiary does not have a card, the allowance can be received at any post office, regardless of domicile.

As of 01 July 2019, there are applied new procedures for calculating and paying compensation for temporary incapacity for work.

Starting with the 06th day of temporary incapacity for work, the establishment, calculation and payment of allowances are performed by CNAS from the account of the state social insurance budget.

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