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10 Aug. 2020 / 15:00

CNSM calls for better socio-economic protection of women

Although it is a common problem, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected men and women in different ways. The conclusion belongs to the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (CNSM), which addressed this in a meeting with members of the institution. According to trade unionists, during this period of isolation, women were more exposed to domestic violence, at risk of losing their jobs and were forced, more actively than men, to care for children. During the debates, the specialists expressed their concern that the work they have done for years to reduce inequalities between women and men could be compromised, Moldova 1 reports.

According to experts, the pandemic primarily affects socially vulnerable groups, and women in rural areas are most exposed to domestic violence.

"They are subjected to domestic violence, harassment at work. There are bodies, there are rights, there is legislation and women must know their rights," declared the president of CNSM, Liuba Rotaru.

In this sense, the trade unionists proposed to elaborate a declaration that they will submit to the Government, requesting a better socio-economic protection of women.

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