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19 Apr. 2019 / 14:59

Components of Joint Control Commission sets out its views on violation of free movement in Security Zone

The constructive initiatives of the Moldovan delegation to work out an activity instruction of Joint Military Command in accordance with the previously signed protocols were rejected at the meeting of the Joint Control Commission on 18 April led by the Russian delegation, which described them as “already obsolete” and referring to “archive”, reads a press release of the Bureau for Reintegration.

A retrospective analysis shows that no initiative of the Moldovan delegation launched this year and aimed at improving the Security Zone monitoring mechanism (such as: demilitarization process, increasing transparency, developing the Joint Military Command Regulation, creating an instruction on mobile patrol, using technical devices for documentation by military observers etc.) is not accepted by the parties.

We note with regret the position contrary to the basic agreements expressed by the transnistrian delegation and supported by the delegation of the Russian Federation to the issue of increase in the location of the transnistrian border guard patrols in the Security Zone. Although the Moldovan delegation permanently fixes and points such abuses that have the purpose of establishing a "border" on the Nistru river, at the current meeting the representatives of the two delegations expressed their indulgence to many violations committed by representatives of Tiraspol. They said that the installation of "border guards" would not pose a threat, as they would only be checked in terms of weapons possession.

The Moldovan delegation repeatedly appealed to exclude such cases, which impede the right to free movement and increase tensions between the parties.

Also, the systematized information on the crime situation for 2018, presented by the heads of the territorial police and militia subdivisions in Bender municipality, was heard during the session. Also, the position of the military commander of Bender was heard.

Also, the Joint Control Commission members approved a report of the Joint Military Command of Joint peacekeeping forces for 10-16 April 2019.

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