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10 Aug. 2020 / 17:12

Competition for the selection of regional development projects for 2021-2023

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment launched today a new competition for the selection of projects to be financed from the National Fund for Regional Development during the years 2021-2023. The state secretary of the institution Dorin Andros stated during a briefing that in the next two weeks information campaigns will be carried out in all districts of the country to inform the participants what are the conditions of the contest and what criteria must meet to be selected, reports Radio Moldova.

"Eligible for funding from the National Fund for Regional Development during this period will be local public authorities, but as an innovative element will be eligible also other public law entities, such as ministries, agencies, because they are responsible for implementing sectoral policies, but there are usually no other programs and projects that could fund the initiatives of these institutions. At the same time, we have a measure that will offer the possibility of financing on different projects for NGOs and the private sector," declared the state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development Dorin Andros.

According to him, the cost of the projects differs from 5 to 50 million lei. The total budget allocated for this period is around 660 million lei.

"These financial resources will be allocated for three programs. Program number one - "Competitiveness" - will be financed with about 180 million lei, program number two - "Urban Development" - with about 180 million lei and program number three - "Regional Infrastructure" - with about 240 million lei", Dorin Andros also stated.

The contest will take place between August 10 and March 1.

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