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11 Nov. 2019 / 09:01

Children from kindergarten Nb. 40 in Chisinau learn the traditions

Children from kindergarten Nb. 40 in Chisinau learn to respect traditions since they are very small. The kids paid homage to autumn through folk songs and dances, reports Mesager.

Although they learn to read and write, the kids became true actors. The kids say they like Moldova for the riches of autumn.

"I had a poem about our country. Moldova is rich and beautiful, with fruits and vegetables. Pumpkin, carrot, tomato, dill and onion  are grown  in Moldova"," I was the ant, the ant is hardworking, I have a national blouse, a skirt, shoes and a crown like the ant, it is red, white as a martisor "," I was author, I talked about leaves. Autumn is rich in fruits and vegetables”, said children.

Parents argue that the love of the nation should be cultivated from childhood.

"We should cultivate traditions, tell the kids how we lived, how our ancestors lived, we must show them by example and explain that this is beautiful, this is our past and we should keep it in the future”, said Doina Basarab.

"I think that children should know the traditions of Moldova, they are very beautiful. It is a story, we live in Moldova, the younger generation takes more to Europe, and our traditions are lost", said Ion Sucitu.

Educators argue that the activities are meant to promote moral-patriotic education.

"By this activity we set out to develop love for the country, for the nation, for our national style, although we are in the age of modern technologies, children have access to information, but we are not so well informed. We set out to develop this aspect of our society", said educator Oxana Iachimovici.

"The children with great love sang Moldovan songs, danced, became acquainted with some traditions from our country and after the activity we will eat traditional dill pies, because parents cut the dill and onion with much love", said educator Maria Condu.

340 kids go to the kindergarten-crèche no.40 in the Botanica sector of Chisinau.

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