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24 Mar. 2019 / 15:49

Chisinau-Timisoara air flight will be canceled

The Chisinau-Timisoara air flight will be canceled. The decision was taken by the Transport Minister in Bucharest, Răzvan Cuc, who asked the state company Tarom to cancel several flights because of the registered financial losses, Mesager reports.

According to the Romanian official, some planes were flying with 10 passengers aboard. Thus, domestic flights, as well as international flights, such as Sibiu-Stuttgart, Sibiu-Munich, Paris-Cluj or Paris-Timisoara, will not be operated.

Due to poor management, in 2018 the company lost 133 million RONI, and in the first two months of this year 47 million RONI in damages.

The Chisinau-Timisoara flight was launched last September, and the flights were operated three times a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

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