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14 Feb. 2019 / 20:00

On Valentine's Day, dozens of couples made queue at the Civil Status offices

The Civil Status Offices were overcrowded on Valentine's Day. Early in the morning, dozens of couples stayed together to unite their destinies on this day. However, each year the number of divorces increases significantly. The main reasons remain lack of trust, patience, but also infidelity, we are talking with psychologist Zinaida Gribincea, Moldova 1 reports.

The main reasons young people divorce remain the lack of trust and patience, say representatives from the civil state office.

"The young people divorce a year, two after marriages because they do not respect one another, infidelity, mistrust persists, and they do not have the patience to overcome all the obstacles that persist in life," said the head of the Civil Status Center, Olga Ceban.

Pursuant to statistics, half of the newly-founded families are breaking apart. According to data of the Public Services Agency, last year, the civil status offices of the Republic of Moldova recorded 20,312 marriages. At the same time, the number of divorces registered was about 11,000, with almost 2,000 more than in 2017.

Statistics also show that men in Moldova decide to set up families at the age of 28, and women, up to 26. The average length of a marriage is 6 years. Men realize that the relationship has failed at around 32, 33 years, and women at 30.

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