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29 Mar. 2020 / 17:19

Two priests in Chisinau fined for non-observance of the measures to prevent and fight coronavirus

The officers of the Chisinau Police Directorate today monitored 121 out of 132 churches in Chisinau, Radio Moldova reports.

According to Alexei Grosu, deputy chief of Chisinau police, it was established that 76 of the 121 churches ceased their activity and only 45 churches were active, of which 27 had closed gates and inside were only priests officiating the service without parishioners, and in other 18 churches the service was officiated in the courtyard in the presence of a number of parishioners from one to five and who respected the social distance.

The police drafted two minutes against 2 priests from the Ciocana and Centru sectors, who did not comply with the authorities' decision. For the non-observance of the provisions of the Resolutions of the National Commission for Public Health, the priests who officiated the services are to be sanctioned with fines in the amount of 22,500 lei, for the non-observance of the measures to prevent and combat the epidemic diseases that endanger the public health.

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