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14 Aug. 2020 / 15:05

Visible display of tobacco products, banned from August 15

From 15 August, the visible display of tobacco products, related products, devices and accessories for their use, recharging or heating in commercial spaces accessible to the public shall be prohibited. According to state authorities, the application of this provision is dictated by the alarming situation regarding tobacco consumption and the harmful health consequences.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, the administrators, managers of the units that sell tobacco products are responsible for training the staff in the storage and sale of the goods in question on the provisions of the normative acts in force.

"Only the textual presentation of the list of tobacco products, related products and their price will be allowed, without any promotional element. It is forbidden to display tobacco products, including filtered and unfiltered cigarettes, cigarettes, related products and devices, as well as accessories for their use, recharging or heating, in which the general public has the opportunity to to visualize these goods and products," reads the communiqué.

The list of tobacco products, related products and accessories for their use, reloading or heating in commercially available spaces, indicating their prices, printed on white paper in black characters, shall be presented by the seller at the request of the adult purchasers, whose age was verified based on identification documents. The list will not contain images or highlighting of any product by color, fonts, underlining, decorative elements or other technical tools.

It is also prohibited to display the inscription or indicator that informs or suggests to the general public about the marketing of tobacco products, including heated tobacco, filter cigarettes, unfiltered cigarettes, sheet cigarettes, related products, devices and accessories for use, refilling or heating them.

The World Health Organization estimates about eight million deaths a year from tobacco use, including more than 1.8 million Europeans. At the same time, 900 thousand people die due to exposure to tobacco smoke, and among them are about 190 thousand children.

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