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16 Aug. 2019 / 11:56

Tax, customs facilities for duty – free shops, canceled

Parliament canceled tax and customs facilities for duty-free shops. The Parliament approved, in the second reading, a draft to amend the Fiscal Code and the Customs Code.

The cancellation of the fiscal and customs facilities concerns the shops, bars and restaurants that operate under duty-free regime located at the entrance to the country at the international border crossing points of the state, as well as those located on the uncontrolled territory by the constitutional bodies of Moldova.

Also, the VAT exemption will be canceled without the right to deduct and excise the import of petroleum products and their subsequent marketing in the customs control area, destined for the supply upon leaving the country, within the limits of the capacity of the gasoline tank of the means of transport.

The economic units who are licensed for the duty-free shops located in the entrance area on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the duty-free store for the diplomatic corps whose term of validity does not expire by January 1, 2020, will continue to benefit, for the goods exempted of excise duties, from tax and customs facilities granted for duty-free shops located in the departure area from the territory of Moldova until the activity license expires, without the right of extension.

Parliament holds extraordinary session on August 12-16 current year.

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