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08 Nov. 2019 / 17:04

LIVE / TEXT Public action to support the Government headed by Maia Sandu held in front of the Parliament Building

An action in support of Sandu Government is taking place before the Parliament Building.

Update 17:00 The action in support of the Sandu  Government has ended.

Update 16:04 The Interior Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Nastase approached he crowd of people. "People were not invited, it means they care," said Andrei Nastase.

Update 15:47 PM Maia Sandu has come out in front of the protesters at the plenary session of the Parliament. "Thank you very much for being here. We must remain united, because as we said our fight is right and we are backed by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, because in every village, where we have been,  in every town everyone wants a fair justice, the thieves must be imprisoned. "

Update: 14:57 People gathered in front of Parliament. They chant "Down Dodon", "We want fair justice", "We support the Government of Maia Sandu", "Down the traitors", "We want independent prosecutor", "Now or never", "Independent prosecutor backed by Parliament”.

Update 14:41 Alexandru Slusari talks with the protesters. "We cannot play with justice. Or justice, or nothing”, said Alexandr Slusari.

Update: 14:37 "It's a call to the meeting", said Dumitru Alaiba, MP of PAS.

Parliament convenes a meeting today starting with 15:00. So far, the only item on the agenda is the speech of PM Maia Sandu. The PM assumes responsibility for the draft law which enables to submit a list of candidates to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, for the position of  general prosecutor.

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