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24 Sep. 2020 / 19:42

Residents of the capital, urged to participate in the sanitation of the city

A campaign to clean up the city's territory, called "Great Cleanup", is announced for Saturday, September 26th.

The action provides for the sanitation of parks, green areas and certain territories in the sectors of the capital, in which all employees of the mayor's office, its subdivisions and municipal enterprises will participate.

"This campaign comes to make responsible and strengthen the efforts of local authorities jointly with citizens, to clean, but also to go out in groups in the open air, to take care of our city. It depends on each of us what our city looks like and what it will look like. It is a common responsibility, a civic responsibility," says the mayor Ion Ceban.

The mayor came with an appeal to state institutions, NGOs, residents and all those interested, to join this campaign, along with municipal authorities, to make the city cleaner.

The employees of the mayor's office, its cabinet, the deputy mayors, the heads of departments will clean the territory of the "La Izvor" park, which is currently in the process of renovation.

From 9:00, the Botanica mayoralty will clean the “Valea Trandafirilor” park, the entrance to the amusement park from Trandafirilor street.

The mayoralty of Ciocana will work in Pădurea-parc “Rîşcani”, from M. Sadoveanu street, corner with Igor Vieru street.

The Râşcani mayoralty will clean up the park from Miron Costin street / Florilor to Studenţilor and Calea Orheiului streets. In the park from Studenţilor street / str. Alecu Russo, on the section of N. Dimo street - 3 ponds (M. Costin street / N. Dimo street - main staircase) will be a common action of Ciocana and Rascani mayoralties.

The Center mayoralty: “Valea Morilor” Park, in the perimeter of Lech Kaczynski street, Drumul Viilor, Trifan Baltă street (Academiei street / Drumul Viilor street).

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