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14 Aug. 2019 / 09:00

Fountain testing in the "Valea Trandafirilor" Park in Botanica sector started

The testing of the fountain in the "Valea Trandafirilor" Park in Botanica sector started. Authorities estimate that it could be put into operation later this week or early next week. Thus, people will be able to walk around the water jets, accompanied by music and decorative lighting, reports Mesager.

"It is a great advantage as there is a playground for children. This fountain will cool the weather. I think the idea is very good, just that it will not look beautiful next to such a building. The idea is extraordinary, it is for the children and for grown ups. There are few places here in Botanica sector where we can rest", said the people.

According to the municipal authorities, the planning works of the area adjacent to the fountain are almost completed. Workers are finishing the playground today. Also, the installation of urban furniture will be completed.

The project for the redevelopment of the area adjacent to the artesian fountain envisages the reconstruction of green areas in the neighborhood and of the adjacent land, the renovation of the access roads to the fountain, as well as the special infrastructure for trolleys and persons in wheelchairs. The project cost amounts to 3.6 million lei, sources are allocated from the municipal budget.

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