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18 Feb. 2020 / 14:48

Priorities set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2020

Reducing road accidents and crime, modernizing the police sectors, combating illicit trafficking and corruption in the system are just some of the priorities set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for this year. The topics were discussed at the extended ministry meeting. The meeting was also attended by Prime Minister Ion Chicu, reports Moldova 1

"We have 173 police sectors out of which 17 have been renovated, and in total over 30 correspond and we can activate in these police sectors, and with our own possibilities from the budget of the Ministry of Interior we will repair another 20 police sectors. We will increase the capabilities of police officers through ongoing training, but also for maintaining the moral and psychological climate and professional core,” mentioned Pavel Voicu, Minister of Internal Affairs

"I have full confidence that in 2020, as always, the MIA through its operational capacity will be able to maintain stability in the Republic of Moldova. Come to the commission with these initiatives to change the legislation, and I, together with the members of the commission, will make every effort to change this," said Alexandru Jizdan, the president of the National Security Commission.

The head of the Executive Ion Chicu assured the police that the authorities will support and urged them to contribute to increasing confidence in the country's future.

“Almost two years ago we started the implementation of the Prima Casa program. I have statistics that many MIA collaborators benefit from this program. We will come up with other initiatives to increase the accessibility of this program for the policemen, doctors, pedagogues who will work in the rural sector. In the district centers, there will be the compensation within the First House Program of 100% of this credit,” stated Ion Chicu.

The next extended college session will be held at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research on February 25.

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