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18 Oct. 2020 / 09:45

Donations can be made to three addresses in the capital

The "Diaconia" Social Mission of the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia resumes the "Clothes Bank" project. On three addresses in the capital, boxes were placed, in which clothes can be left for the needy, Radio Moldova reports, referring to IPN.

The boxes were located at three PECO stations. People who want to make a donation are urged to follow a few rules: clothes to be clean and tidy, things and goods that can be used with dignity, donations to be stored in bags.

Clothes, shoes, toys, bed linen are allowed as donations.

Donations reach people across the country in dire need of material help. These are beneficiaries of the social projects of the Diaconia, people assisted in the social wardrobes in the parishes of the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia, social partners of the organization, but also other social cases where an intervention with donations of goods is needed.

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