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23 Apr. 2019 / 11:59

Fishing of sprat in the Nistru River, allowed for 37 days

Fishing of sprat on the Nistru River will be allowed for 37 days during the annual ban, from April 20 to April 25, 2019, and from May 16 to June 15, 2019, reports the Ministry of Regional Development and Environment.

In the period from April 26 to May 15, 2019 inclusively, the fishing of sprat will not be allowed, due to the fact that according to the forecasts of the scientific institution in Moldova, the migration of this fish is expected during this period, Radio Moldova reports.

Fishing will be allowed in the Nistru River in the sectors of the Dubasari Hydropower Dam to the Palanca village (km 28).

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