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12 Feb. 2019 / 10:00

Over 1370 credits granted under the "First Home" program

1374 credits were granted until February 1 under the "First Home" program. 19 other applications are accepted and credit agreements are to be signed, and 50 applications are being examined, Mesager reports.

The total amount of guarantees provided by the Government is about 331 million lei, and the total amount of loans granted by banks is over 661 million lei.

The average cost of the purchased houses is almost 564 thousand lei. Of the beneficiaries, 1003 are young families and 372 are single people.

The average surface of the purchased houses is over 59 square meters. The average age of applicants is 31 and over 93% of homes are purchased in cities.

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National Human Rights Council set up

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11 Feb. 2019 / 10:51

National Human Rights Council set up