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14 Aug. 2019 / 13:11

General Prosecutor’s office PG started criminal cases on some actions related to bank fraud

The General Prosecutor’s office started criminal cases on some actions related to bank fraud, which were previously overlooked. This was announced by the head of the state Igor Dodon after the meeting of the Supreme Security Council, reports Moldova 1 TV.

According to Dodon, the acting general prosecutor Dumitru Robu notified him about these additional files.

Several separate discussions could take place soon with decision makers from the National Bank of Moldova and other institutions, announced Igor Dodon. The head of state also announced that all new fiscal changes, coordinated with the IMF, could be renegotiated in the next 5 months.

"The agreement with the IMF, which was signed in July, can be renegotiated in September. A large part of these provisions were discussed by society and might be implemented starting with January 1, not today. I mean Horeca. We have another 5 months to renegotiate everything included in this memorandum", said the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon.

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