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10 Aug. 2020 / 18:27

The pools, taken by storm from day one

Right from the first day of reopening, the pools were taken by storm. The owners of the leisure places say that they had to increase the prices because of the expenses, but also because they did not work this summer. Both the owners and the visitors say that they strictly follow the instructions imposed by the authorities, reports Moldova 1.

Everyone who came to the pool near the town of Vatra filled out a statement on their own responsibility. At the same time, people's temperature was measured at the entrance.

The owner of the pool says that access is forbidden for people with fever and the elderly over the age of 63.

"We continue to strive and respect the measures we have observed before, plus everything on the territory is arranged in the same way as the distance between sunbeds, disinfectants, the staff is equipped with everything necessary, with gloves and masks," claims Andrei Focşa, owner.

According to the National Public Health Commission, pool owners are required to comply with measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, otherwise they will be fined. Thus, the number of visitors must not exceed 50 percent of capacity, and the spaces must be provided with disinfectant solutions and the distance of 1.5 meters between visitors must be maintained.

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