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22 Aug. 2019 / 10:54

The Polyclinic and the Hospital of the State Chancellery will be managed by the Ministry of Health

The Polyclinic of the State Chancellery and the public health-medical institution The Hospital of the State Chancellery were transferred yesterday, after the decision of the Government, from the administration of the State Chancellery to that of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Radio Moldova News reports.

The Government's decision also provides for the modification of the names of the State Chancellery's Polyclinic in the public health-medical institution "State Polyclinic", as well as the public-sanitary institution of the State Chancellery's Hospital in the public-sanitary institution "State Hospital".


The changes were made with the purpose of excluding the functions unfit for the State Chancellery in the part concerning the organization of the provision of medical services and the concentration of these functions in the area of ​​competence of a single authority.


The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection will exercise the founding function of the mentioned medical-sanitary institutions.

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